Morgan County Treasurer | Morgan County, Ohio

Common Questions

When are my real estate taxes due?

Tax bills are mailed each year in mid-January and mid-June with payment due on February 15 and July 15 (or the first following business day if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday).

How much are my real estate taxes?

Click HERE or the search tab on this website to find your parcels.

Where can I pay my real estate tax bill?

  • Online. Simply click HERE or the search tab on this website.
  • In person at the Treasurer's Office located at 155 E. Main Street, Room 153, McConnelsville, Ohio 43756.
  • Mail payments to Morgan County Treasurer, 155 E. Main Street, Room 153, McConnelsville, Ohio 43756.
  • Drop in the orange dropbox located on the Main Street side of the Riecker building.
  • Scan the QR code on the tax bill

Can I prepay my real estate taxes on a monthly basis?

You may make pre-payments anytime, or you may enroll in our Escrow Program. For more information and to enroll, click HERE

Can you automatically withdraw my monthly escrow or contract payments?

Yes, you can enroll by completing an Automatic Withdrawal Agreement by clicking HERE

How do I update my mailing address?

Ohio Revised Code Section 323.13 requires that a change in the mailing adddress of any tax bill shall be made in writing to the county treasurer. Click HERE for the address change form.

What is the Homestead Reduction?

Everyone 65 or older or disabled persons with an income up to $36,100 are eligible to receive the homestead exemption. In order to apply for the exemption, you will need to contact the Morgan County Auditor's Office at (740) 962-4475 or access the application HERE.

Why did I receive a tax bill if my property taxes are paid with my mortgage?

If you receive a tax bill in error, contact your mortgage company to determine if they have collected the funds and intend to pay the bill. Also ask the mortgage company to send confirmation to our office so future bills will be sent to them.

What if I want to contest the valuation of my property?

The Morgan County Board of Revision hears formal complaints on property valuations and appraisals. BOR complaints are accepted for a limited period after January 1st each year. Filing a complaint allows property owners to have a hearing before the Board of Revision. The BOR is comprised of the County Auditor, County Treasurer and President of the Board of Commissioners. At the hearing, property owners may present information such as recent appraisals or sales data for similar properties in support of their complaints. Contact the Morgan County Auditor's Office at (740) 962-4475 for more information or access the forms HERE