Morgan County Treasurer | Morgan County, Ohio

What is the Escrow Program?

Real estate taxes are collected twice a year. Taxpayers have found smaller payments are easier to budget than semi-annual tax payments. Taxpayers pay their property taxes in regular amounts and intervals. Payments are spread out monthly. Money is held in an escrow account until the next current tax collection. The money in escrow is then applied to the current real estate or manufactured home taxes that are due. There are no fees for participating in the program.

Who Qualifies?

The Escrow Program is available to all taxpayers who are current on their real estate taxes. Those who are delinquent should contact the Treasurer's Office for other payment options.

Who Benefits from the Escrow Program?

Homeowners, taxpayers and senior citizens. Monthly payments simplify household budgeting by making payments in equal monthly payments.

How much will my payment be?

Your payment schedule will be based on your must recent tax bill(s). The estimated total amount due will be divided into the number of months remaining before the next tax due date. If there is a balance remaining, a balance due bill will be mailed.

What if I miss or cannot afford a monthly payment?

The prepayment coupons that you receive in the mail are printed with a recommended due date and a recommended amount due. You are under no obligation to make these payments as long as your taxes are paid in full by the semi-annual due dates. Therefore, you may pay more or less throughout the months leading up to the actual due dates. Any unpaid balances on current taxes will be charged a late fee and interest in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.

How to sign up for the Program

Contact the Treasurer's Office to request an escrow program agreement or click HERE

  1. Select plan option. You may consider the automatic withdrawal payment (ACH) option that we offer at no cost, or monthly coupons.
  2. If you select the ACH option, please complete and return the ACH agreement HERE
  3. Return the signed agreement to the Morgan County Treasurer's Office at 155 E Main Street, Room 153, McConnelsville, Ohio 43756 or via email
  4. If you select monthly coupons, a coupon booklet will be mailed that will state the recommended monthly amount and due date. Send each coupon with your monthly payments.
  5. If you would like a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with each coupon payment.